PARISH INFORMATION MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING:  Members at St. George have registered with the office, attend the Divine Liturgy at least 3 weekends each month, participate in the community life of the parish and contribute generously of their time, talent and treasure. MYSTERIES OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION: Expectant parents should contact the pastor prior to the birth of the child. The priest can come to pray over the baby and mother in the days after birth. After 40 days, Churching Prayers welcome the baby for the first time and the mother back to Church. To request the Mysteries of Initiation, parents must be members in good standing and attend baptism preparation with the godparents. At least one Godparent must be a member in good standing at St. George. The other Godparent may be a Catholic or Orthodox Christian in good standing. MYSTERY OF HOLY CONFESSION: You may go to confession before or after most services in the Church. If you would like to go to confession during Sunday morning prayer, please stand near the crying room door. To make an appointment for confession, please call the office. MYSTERY OF HOLY CROWNING: Couples who wish to be married at St. George must be members in good standing. They should contact the pastor prior to making any other arrangements and at least six months prior to the desired date. They will need to complete our marriage preparation program. The Byzantine wedding ceremony begins in the narthex of the Church and does not feature the father walking the daughter down the main aisle. The couple approaches the Holy Mystery together as equals. There are no vows exchanged in the Byzantine Crowning ceremony. MYSTERY OF HOLY ANOINTING: You can approach a priest for Holy Anointing at any time for healing of body, soul, mind or relationship. To make an appointment for a home or hospital visit, please call the office. FUNERALS: When someone passes away in your family, please contact the Pastor prior to making any arrangements with the Funeral Home. Byzantine funerals are customarily open casket. The casket may be closed at the family’s request. There are no eulogies given in Church. Family and friends may deliver eulogies at the mercy meal. Traditionally, we mourn and honor the deceased by eating fasting foods at the mercy meal. Families must ensure that there are fish and/or vegetarian options available for those who wish to mourn your loved one by fasting. Except during major fasting periods, the family may serve meat for guests and those who choose not observe this custom.