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Melkite Music (Courtesy of St. Elias, San Jose) 

Below is a sampling of the type of music you will hear at the Melkite Catholic Church. If you live in Phoenix, AZ, please consider coming and singing with us this Sunday! 

The recordings provided below are from various sources who generously donated their time in singing, recording, digitizing, and distributing these treasures of our Antiochian Tradition. The first section of recordings (Hymns of the Divine Liturgy, Resurrection Troparia, Festal Hymns, Hymns of Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha, and Hymns of Vespers and Orthros) were recorded by Chanters Of St. George The Great Martyr Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  The second section of recordings (The Divine Liturgy in Arabic) was made from one of our Liturgies in Lebanon.  The third section of recordings (Melkite Hymnal) were sung by Reader Romanos of Holy Transfiguration Church in McLean, VA, from the English setting of the music by Archimandrite Cyril Haddad (known as the Melkite Hymnal), for the St. Gregory Seminary, then under rector Fr. Damon Geiger, and later digitized and distributed by Fr. Michael Skrocki.

Hymns of Divine Liturgy

Resurrection Troparia

Festal Hymns

Hymns of Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha

Hymns of Vespers and Orthros

Divine Liturgy in Arabic

Melkite Hymnal (Reader Romanos)

Festal Hymns (Reader Romanos)

Protodeacon David Baroody

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