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St. John of the Desert


"Come and make nests in its branches." Mt 13:32 

We are a praying community, we follow the Apostolic Tradition, the Orthodox Faith of the First Christians of the Church of Antioch. The Melkite (Greek) Catholic Church (Arabic: كنيسة الروم الملكيين الكاثوليك‎, Kanīsat ar-Rūm al-Malakiyyīn al-Kāṯūlīk) is an Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See as part of the worldwide Catholic Church.


"Come you all: enter into the joy of your Lord. You the first and you the last, receive alike your reward; you rich and you poor, dance together; you sober and you weaklings, celebrate the day; you who have kept the fast and you who have not, rejoice today. The table is richly loaded: enjoy its royal banquet."

-St. John Chrysostom

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